Mosaic Stones of Holocaust Scholarship: Cataloging Undiscovered Collections of Personal and Family Papers at the USHMM


The proposed project would fully catalog approximately 1,000 manuscript documents and archival collections that were donated by Holocaust survivors or their families during the first years following the establishment of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (ca. 1993-1996). The museum would hire one archivist with experience in manuscript cataloging, who over the course of two years, would use the DACS cataloging standard to add appropriate data elements to existing stub records, enabling the content and context of these items and collections to be adequately described for the first time, and by doing so, enable their discovery and use. Catalog records would be uploaded to the museum's web-based catalog and to OCLC WorldCat.


Digitizing Hidden Collections

Amount Awarded


Year Added



United States Holocaust Memorial Museum


  • Mr. Brad Bauer (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum)

Collaborating Institution(s)


Date Range

1933 - 1996

Geographic Scope

Europe, United States, South America, Asia


  • 40 Audiovisual, Book (Including Serials), Ephemera, Manuscript, Text (Including Electronic Texts)