Shark Lady: The Collection of Ichthyologist Dr. Eugenie Clark

Material Description

Materials nominated for digitization include 85 field journals and dive logs as well as approximately 4000 slides, 6 photo albums, 10 specimens, and 26 films. These total approximately 8000 pages of written materials and 450 pages of mounted photographs. The complete collection of Dr. Clark includes over 100 additional linear feet of materials.

Regarding provenance, most of the materials in this collection were created by Dr. Eugenie Clark herself. Materials were deeded to the Arthur Vining Davis Library and Archives by Dr. Clark between 1999 and 2015.

Associated people include, but are not limited to, the following: Jay Bartels, John Bass and family, William Beebe, Charles M. Breder Jr., Scott Carpenter, Jose Castro, Beryl Chadwick, Emperor Akihito, Family of Dr. Clark, Jacques Cousteau, Sylvia Earle, Richard Ellis, Perry Gilbert, William Mote, Stewart Springer, William Tavolga, Anne Vanderbilt, and William Vanderbilt.

Associated organizations include, but are not limited to, the following: American Littoral Society, American Museum of Natural History, American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Society of Oceanographers, Bass Biological Laboratory, Cape Haze Marine Laboratory, Hurghada Marine Biological Station, Mote Marine Laboratory, National Geographic, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Science Foundation, Office of Naval Research, Save Our Seas Foundation, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, Smithsonian Institution, Society of Women Geographers, University of Maryland, and Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory.

Subjects include, but are not limited to, the following: Anna Maria Island, Boca Grande, bull sharks, deep sea fishes, demon sharks, dusky sharks, fish reproduction, garden eels, Gasparilla Island, hammerhead sharks, Japanese immigrants, jellyfish, Lemon Bay, lemon sharks, marine biology, medical research, Micronesia, Moses sole, mullet, nurse sharks, pelicans, porpoises, rays, Red Sea, red tide, sea cucumbers, scuba diving, shark dissection, shark embryos, shark fishing, shark repellants, skates, sleeping sharks, stone crabs, tiger sharks, triggerfish, turtles, whale sharks, and zoology.


The Arthur Vining Davis Library and Archives at Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium will digitize the collection of ichthyologist Dr. Eugenie Clark. Materials in Dr. Clark's collection include dive logs, field notebooks, and travel journals detail over seventy-five years of her career as a pioneering marine researcher. Over 120 linear feet of archival materials will be made available and discoverable for scholars, students, and the public.


Digitizing Hidden Collections

Amount Awarded


Year Added



Arthur Vining Davis Library and Archives at Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium


  • Ms. Alyson Gamble (Mote Marine Laboratory)

Date Range

1922 - 2015

Geographic Scope

Dr. Clark traveled around the world for her marine research, visiting every continent except Antarctica. Geographic regions covered in her collection include: Atlantic States, Baja California peninsula, Caribbean, East Asia, Gulf of Mexico, Indochina, Micronesia, Middle Atlantic States, Middle East, Oceania, Red Sea, South Atlantic States, and the Yucatán Peninsula.


  • 4000 Mixed Archival Collections