Digitizing Apalachee: Apalachee-Spanish Mission Archaeology Document Collection

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The Digitizing Apalachee project includes documentation of archaeological excavations and laboratory analysis of three Apalachee-Spanish Mission sites in La Florida. These materials were generated by FSU Anthropology Associate Professor Dr. Rochelle Marrinan and dozens of undergraduate and graduate students between 1984 and 2015. Marrinan conducted research and taught archaeological field schools at the Patale Mission Site (8Le152) from 1984-1995 and one season in 2000; O’Connell Mission Site (8Le157) from 1995 to 2000; and the Castro Site (8Le151) from 2000 to 2002. Artifact analysis continued until 2015. The archaeology of these sites documents the interactions of the Apalachees, a Native American group indigenous to the Tallahassee area of Florida, Franciscan friars sent to convert the Apalachees to Catholicism, and other Spaniards (administrators, soldiers, merchants) that were involved in these interactions between the years 1633 and 1704. The source materials to be digitized as part of this project include maps, 35mm slides and photographs, field notes, and excavation and analysis paperwork.


Archaeologists with the Department of Anthropology at Florida State University have investigated 17th-18th century Apalachee-Spanish Missions of La Florida since 1950, including sites located in the Florida panhandle, St. Augustine, and coastal Georgia. However, the documents associated with these investigations of Apalachee-Spanish Mission period sites are not widely available. Over 24 months we will digitize and organize the collections into a database hosted by FSU to: enable a global network of scholars and students to have easier and long-term access to the information held in these documents; making copies suitable for exhibits, publications, and web use; and for researcher requests. This free and publicly accessible resource, excepting data with sensitive site location and/or cultural information, will enrich studies in Anthropology, Native American studies, American history, Florida history, studies of the Spanish Empire in the Atlantic World, amongst others.


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Florida State University


  • Dr. Tanya Peres (Florida State University)
  • Dr. Rochelle Marrinan
  • Ms. Krystal Thomas

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1984 - 1984

Geographic Scope

Collections relate to the Apalachee Province, which is currently Tallahassee, Florida and the surrounding region.


  • 62 Mixed Archival Collections