Little Literary Magazine Archives in the Poetry Collection


The Little Literary Magazine Archives feature eleven diverse poetry magazine archives. Representative of small press poetry publishing across the United States from 1960 to 2010, the various archives are composed of literary letters, manuscripts, notebooks, business and production records, and publishing ephemera. The magazines represented, their locations, and the extent of publishing life are: Fire Exit (Boston, 1968-1975); The Wormwood Review (Stockton, CA, 1960-1999); Chain (Philadelphia, 1994-2005); Manroot (San Francisco, 1969-1981); Drafting (Baltimore, 2004-2005); Boss (New York, 1966-1979); Buckle / Buckle & (Buffalo, 1977-1982 / 1998-2006); Osiris (Schenectady, NY, 1972-2010); Lost & Found Times (Columbus, OH, 1975-2005); Score (Oakland, CA, 1983-1990); and First Intensity (Lawrence, KS, 1993-2007). These magazines represent different socio-aesthetic communities from Feminist poetry to academic avant garde poetry to verbo-visual poetry and have served the careers of poets as different as Susan Howe and Charles Bukowski. The Little Literary Magazine Archives document fifty years of poetic history, and the cataloging of this collection will immediately impact scholarship in the field of post-WWII American Poetry. This archival collection is supported by the more than 9,000 twentieth-century and twenty-first-century entrepreneurial poetry magazine titles held in the Poetry Collection.


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  • Michael Basinski

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1960 - 2010

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The magazine archives collected range across the United States from New York to San Francisco.