Illuminating Hidden Collections at the Center for Jewish History


The materials cover the histories of organizations in NYC, as well as those around the country whose composition stemmed from towns in Europe from which they emigrated, such as those associated with Galicia or with Telsch, Lithuania. They also cover labor organizations in NYC and elsewhere, such as the Yidisher Teatr Gezelshaft in Detroit and the AmericanAssociation for Jewish Education. Also included are dozens of collections that describe the stories of Jews leaving Germany for America and Israel prior to WWII. The collections included in this initiative encompass the stories of Jewish migration, establishment and assimilation over the last 150 years. The project includes materials that will uncover historical evidence to support work on U.S. and European history and biographical explorations. They wield particular strengths for those exploring immigration, labor, and cultural history. Materials for this initiative will come from three of the Center’s in-house partner institutions: AJHS, LBI, and YIVO. Unless otherwise noted, the collections are entirely distinct as opposed to being the addenda to others. They include family papers as well as records of aid societies and educational organizations. The collections lack bibliographic representation in the Center’s online catalog and are therefore hidden from researchers and the public. Each was either newly-acquired or has long been in need of arrangement and processing.


Cataloging Hidden Collections

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Center for Jewish History


  • Laura Leone

Collaborating Institution(s)

American Jewish Historical Society, Leo Baeck Institute, YIVO Institute for Jewish Research

Collection Size

447 linear feet

Date Range

1850 - 1980

Geographic Scope

New York City, Chicago, Detroit and elsewhere in the U.S., as well as Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Belarus, and elsewhere in Eastern Europe.