Houston ARCH: Collaborative LGBT Newspaper Project


This project aims to arrange, describe, and catalog five major newspapers generated by Texas' lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) communities. (1) The Montrose Voice, 1980-1991: Houston-based weekly. 7 c. ft. (2) The Houston Voice, 1991-2006: Houston-based weekly. 40 c. ft. (3) The Texas Triangle, 1992-2003: State-wide weekly. 7 c. ft. (4) OutSmart, 1994-present: Houston-based monthly print publication with webpage component. 21 c. ft. (5) This Week in Texas, 1974-2010: State-wide weekly that switched to webpage only. 58 c. ft. The materials are currently housed by two members of the Houston ARCH consortium: the Gulf Coast Archive and Museum of GLBT History, Inc. (GCAM) and the Charles Botts LGBT Archives (Botts). While produced in Texas and Houston, these newspapers are of national significance. They chart the connections that a wide range of LGBT individuals, organizations, and businesses have created on a local, regional, national, and international scale from the 1970s to the present day. Directly addressing the history of LGBT populations, these newspapers also tell us about a great deal more, illuminating the broader cultural context around LGBT lives. Together, these newspaper collections offer important resources not only for Houston's LGBT communities, but also for researchers, scholars, and students from a range of fields, especially the study of history and contemporary culture.


Cataloging Hidden Collections

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Rice University


  • Rosemary Hennessy

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133 cubic feet

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1974 - 2010

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While many of the newspapers circulated beyond Texas and reflect national content, all were published in Texas, and most in Houston specifically.