Revealing An Architectural Drawing Heritage: Significant Northwest Architects


Architectural drawing collections documenting significant architects in the Northwest. (1) Carl Gould (1873-1939) attended Harvard & Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He worked for McKim, Mead & White & brought the academic eclectic approach west; founded UW School of Architecture. (2) Lionel Pries (1897-1968) studied at UC Berkeley & Univ. of Pennsylvania. Teaching at UW, he profoundly influenced students such as Minoru Yamasaki (World Trade Center) and A. Quincy Jones (innovative LA modern architect) & many others. (3) Elizabeth Ayer (1897-1987) 1st woman architect to graduate from UW & 1st woman architect registered in Washington. She integrated modernism with traditional forms. (4) John Graham Jr. (1908-1991) studied at UW & Yale. Gained international acclaim as a pioneer in the design of large-scale regional shopping centers & the Seattle Space Needle (1962 Seattle World's Fair). (5) Paul Kirk (1914-1995) studied under Lionel Pries & was influenced by Mies van der Rohe. A major force in Northwest Mid-century Modernism & the most widely published Seattle architect in national architecture journals. (6) Roberta Wightman (1912-2010) attended Cambridge University & studied landscape architecture at Univ. of Illinois. One of the first women to practice in the Northwest; she led efforts to gain professional recognition for landscape architects. (7) Wendell Lovett (1922-) studied at UW, & at MIT under Alvar Aalto; internationally published Northwest modern architect; taught at UW.


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