Cataloging Artifacts and Related Records of the World Trade Center Attack on September 11, 2001


The materials can be divided into five general categories: 1) posters, letters, photographs and other ephemera left by the families of the victims at Pier 94 (the temporary family service center), and at the 9/11 memorial sites on the footprint of the towers; 2) material placed in City parks and other public places in the aftermath of the event; 3) artifacts of the World Trade Center buildings, vehicles, and other items recovered from the site, via Fresh Kills, Staten Island, where the debris had been brought for screening; 4) brochures and other printed material prepared by the Mayor's Community Assistance Unit to assist the victim families; and 5) correspondence sent to the Mayor's office and rescue workers.


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NYC Department of Records


  • Leonora Gidlund

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726 cubic feet

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2001 - 2009

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City of New York