ARLIS Hidden Collections of Alaska Materials


1. Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game Annual Management Reports, 1929-1994: geographically based series compiled data in a cumulative manner for each regional fishery; 2. U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Annual Narratives, 1960s-present: annual reports originating from various wildlife refuges in Alaska; 3. Exxon Valdez oil spill, raw footage, 1989-1991: Raw footage of the early days of the Exxon Valdez oil spill, its subsequent clean-up, shoreline evaluations, and other government-led activities related to the spill; 4. Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, Shoreline Surveys, 1989-1993: Surveys conducted by interagency groups to assess oiling conditions in the spill area; 5. Bureau of Land Management Wild and Scenic Rivers photograph and file collection, 1908-: Multi-agency collection of original files, slides, photos documenting selection of rivers, including candidate rivers; 6. Bureau of Land Management Iditarod Collection: documents landmarks of all miles of trial; 7. Environment & Natural Resources Inst.: Historical photos, pre-statehood to 1970s, related to particular industries important to Alaska and to cultural documentation; 8. Alaska Climate Center Ice Records, 1972-2004: community ice records and ice analysis; 9. ARLIS backlog: 44,000 items - only agency serial runs are under consideration. All are relevant to individuals & groups doing research in the natural sciences or having involvement in the environmental or development realms in Alaska.


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  • Celia Rozen

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390 linear feet

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1890 - 2004

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The materials are all related to Alaska, and other northern climates in the Arctic and circumpolar regions.