Ex Libris: Cataloging the Yale Bookplate Collection


The Yale Bookplate Collection is one of the largest assemblages of printed bookplates and related materials in the world. The estimated extent of the Yale Bookplate Collection is 442 linear feet containing over 1,000,000 items. The collection consists of a general grouping arranged by single access points, and a combination of numerous personal and dealers’ collections. The access points nominally arranging this material include chronology and geographic area (15th and 16th century, Early American, Modern Italian, etc.) as well as broad subject headings (Ladies', Religious Orders, etc.). In addition, some artists are separately identified, for example Mark Severin and Michel Fingestein. Among the individual collections, the largest is the Irene D. Andrews Pace Collection, numbering approximately 150,000 bookplates (192 linear feet, or about 15 percent of the Yale Bookplate Collection). Smaller collections include the Wahlins Collection of Swedish Bookplate Artists, the Richard E. Ballard Collection of pre-revolutionary and Soviet-era bookplates, and the Alexander Kealas Collection of Estonian and Baltic bookplates. In addition to the bookplates, the Yale Bookplate Collection also holds a significant collection of books and printed catalogues related to the field of bookplate collecting, a small group of printers’ production materials such as wood and metal engraving plates, tools, and drawings, and manuscript material relating to the Pace Collection.


Cataloging Hidden Collections

Amount Awarded

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  • Katherine Haskins

Collection Size

442 linear feet, 1000000 objects

Date Range

1450 - 1950

Geographic Scope

Europe, North America, and Asia. Exceptional coverage of Great Britain, Scandanavia, the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union.