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1. Berney-Rochat Family Collection, 1800-1970: papers of an early pioneer family; 2. Howard Brode Papers, 1890-1950: a Whitman College biology professor and museum curator; 3. Congregational Association of Oregon and Washington Records, 1857-1935; 4. Myron Eells Collection, 1850-1950: papers of a Northwest missionary, scholar, and collector; 5. Elliott Family Collection, 1820-1920: papers and business records of a prominent pioneer family; 6. D.C. Graham Papers, 1890-1950: a Chinese missionary, anthropologist, and educator; 7. W.J. Matthews Papers, 1862-1885: a military tailor; 8. Native American Photograph Collection, 1880-1920: representing various Northwest tribes; 9. Stephen B.L. Penrose Papers, 1890-1960: a Whitman College president; 10. Roberts Family Papers, 1850-1900: an early pioneer family; 11. Sager Family Papers, 1840-1920: a family connected with the Whitman mission and massacre; 12. Saint Paul's School Records, 1880-1970; 13. Henry and Eliza Spalding Collection, 1837-1885: papers of early Northwest missionaries; 14. A.J. Thibodo Papers, 1850-1900: a pioneer medical doctor; 15. Guy Turner Papers, 1898-1910: a Walla Walla civic leader and Spanish-American War veteran; 16. Walla Walla Valley Medical Society Records, 1882-1958; 17. Walla Walla Valley Photograph Collection, 1870-1970; 18. Marcus and Whitman Collection, 1834-1936: material by/about early Northwest missionaries; 19. Whitman Seminary and Academy Records, 1859-1912; 20. Whitman College Literary Society Records, 1882-1941.


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  • Michael Paulus

Collection Size

242 linear feet

Date Range

1800 - 1970

Geographic Scope

Mostly southeastern Washington State, but also including western Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, and China.