Major Railroad Archival Collections


Major railroad archival collections at the Nebraska State Historical Society and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln include corporate records of the Union Pacific Railroad and its subsidiary lines (1862-1980s); field books, maps, drawings, and other materials of the Chicago Burlington & Quincy(CB&Q)Railroad--Lines West collection(1869-1950s)relating to land development in Nebraska; the Charles Kennedy Collection of U.S. railroad annual reports to stockholders and to state railroad commissions (1826-1930); and the Val Kuska Collection relating to agricultural development of the area served by the Burlington route (late 19th century through the mid-twentieth century). Among these important historical materials are several thousand photographs, advertising posters, scrapbooks,and time tables.


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  • Katherine Walter

Collection Size

1700 linear feet, 2100000 objects

Date Range

1826 - 1950

Geographic Scope

Railroad archival materials in these collections are for rail lines mostly west of Chicago, though the Kennedy Collection is national in scope.