On Track: Cataloging the NEERHS Library at the Seashore Trolley Museum


The NEERHS Library collection consists of materials dealing with the development of mass transit technology and operations from 1830 to the present. Subject emphasis is on materials related to traditional streetcar and interurban service, including rapid transit, trackless trolley, and bus service. In general, the geographic scope of the collection is worldwide beginning in the 1830s, narrowing its focus to East of the Mississippi River after 1980, and narrowing still further after the year 2000 to the New England region. The following list of formats illustrates the unique richness of the collection: Blueprints; Books; Car advertising cards; Company documents (including operating instruction pamphlets and manuals, emergency procedure manuals, rules and regulations, maintenance manuals, car repair records, business correspondence, stock slips, annual reports, statistics, and financial records and reports); Conference proceedings; Films; General tourism brochures; Government documents (including state and municipal transit records, planning studies, and environmental impact statements); Manuscripts; Maps; Model railroad catalogs; Negatives; Newspaper clippings; Parts and equipment catalogs; Patents; Periodicals; Photographs; Postcards; Posters and prints; Public transit maps; Railroad and trolley museum brochures; Railroad timetables; Reference books; Research and technical reports; Roll signs; and Scrapbooks.


Cataloging Hidden Collections

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  • Amber Tatnall

Collection Size

400 boxes, 1800 linear feet, 50000 objects

Date Range

1830 - 2008

Geographic Scope

Worldwide beginning in the 1830s, narrowing its focus to East of the Mississippi River after 1980, and to the New England region after 2000.