Marvin Chauncey Ross Papers

Material Description

Most of the material in the collection focuses on Byzantine, medieval, and Russian objects���metalwork, ceramics, glyptics, jewelry, enamels, mosaics, and paintings, sculpture, and drawings. The correspondence comes from museum curators and directors, photographers, commercial galleries, and private collectors worldwide. Since the collection is not cataloged, a selection of four cases was processed in order to estimate the amount of material needed for preservation of the contents and the subject and sources were recorded. Box 001: Contents: 6 folders���260 photographs; 7 postcards; correspondence; publications; notes Partial summary of Subjects: Constantinian porphyry sarcophagus, 15 c; Conques Treasure, France, 13 c; 11 c silver gild book covers; 7 c coins; 11 c mosaic; Thomas Loraine McKenney, Sketches of a Tour to the Lakes, 1814; 6 c Syrian silver bowl; 1-2 c limestone Paymyrene funerary stele; 4 c mosaics; 14-13 c BC Mycenean gold dish; Guarrazal Treasure 7 c Partial summary of Sources: Giraudon, Paris; A. John Hugh-Smith Coll.; Virgina Mus of Art; MFA, Houston; Kofler-Truniger, Luzern; Bibl. nat., Paris; Scala; Louvre; American Numismatic Soc.; Instanbul Archeol. Mus; Dumbarton Oaks; Hermitage Mus, St Petersburg; Cornelius C. Vermeule, MFA, Boston; RISD; Palazzo Carignano, Turn; Charles Parkhurst, Oberlin, Allen Mem Art Mus; Venice Accademia; Abegg- Stiftung Bern; Hispanic Soc of Amer., NY; Marguerite Mallon, Rome; Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore

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Geraldine Aramanda

Date Range

1400 - 1814

Geographic Scope

Europe, Middle East, and Russia