Goddard College Archives

Material Description

The Goddard College archives document the college's rich 150 year history, first as a Universalist Seminary, then as an icon of progressive postsecondary and adult education. This project will make available a wealth of primary documentation related to the national conversations to which Goddard has repeatedly contributed. The archives document the philosophical foundation, creation, development, and growth of a protean, experimental college. Examples: ��Political and cultural engagement, such as Civil Rights-related protests, providing safe havens for perceived radicals, such as members of the Hollywood Ten and the Chicago Seven; pioneering academic programs focusing on Feminist's Studies and Afro- American Studies �� Founding membership of the Union for Experimenting Colleges and Universities �� The Adult Degree Program (started in 1963), which pioneered low-residency adult education; ��The Goddard Design Program (1971-1977), the first institutional home of design-build, an architectural movement native to Vermont with influence on architectural practice worldwide �� The single-parent program, with family housing and on-campus child care. �� Farm, Labor, and Canadian-American Business Conferences, which were held on campus during the semester breaks, extending the educational mission beyond traditional age learners. �� Goddard's Service Learning Program, requiring students to fulfill a non-resident work term.

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Goddard College


Gerard Holmes

Date Range

1863 - 2012

Geographic Scope

The main focus is on educational innovation in Vermont with holdings concerning national and international educational and political movements.