Addressing the Global Significance of the Henry Shelton Sanford Papers

Material Description

The collection resides at the Sanford Museum in Sanford, Florida. It encompasses letters, diaries, legal documents, speeches, articles, and other documents composed by Henry S. Sanford and others. Sanford was a lawyer, diplomat, and investor who purchased and developed the land that would become Sanford, Florida. Subjects covered in the collection include Sanford��s schooling in the United States and Europe; American business and diplomatic endeavors in the Congo; legal endeavors in Central and South America; businesses in Connecticut and Michigan; the unification of Germany after the Franco-Prussian War; life in the American West before it was settled; a sugar plantation in Louisiana owned by Sanford and his brother-in-law; Sanford��s citrus groves and the issues surrounding them, including the importation of Swedish workers; domestic and diplomatic issues during the Civil War; the slave trade and more.

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University of Central Florida


Jamie Desena

Date Range

1769 - 1901

Geographic Scope

Florida, Connecticut, Michigan, Minnesota, Louisiana, South Carolina, Germany, Paris, Russia, Belgium, Central & South America, American West, Africa