Whitney Museum of American Art - Film and Video Archives 1960s to 2010

Material Description

This entire collection is 243 linear feet and reflects the history of American Film and Video as an art form and includes: Film + Video Artist Files--paper materials kept on individual artists, artist collectives, and film companies that were maintained in conjunction with the film and video department��s exhibitions: 30 linear feet The Film + Video Image Files--visual materials kept on individual artists, exhibitions, film companies, and artist collectives, project or exhibition documentation, photographs and film stills, other rare ephemera: 12 linear feet. General files-- Film & Video curatorial records, exhibition, misc. files: 41 linear feet including: Film and video documentation / records of: - American Film & Video Series (1970-1998) - New American Film & Video Series (1999-2010) - Biennials (1979-2010) - Performing Arts Program held at at satellite locations, such as Equitable, Altria, Philip Morris, and Museum affiliates (1970-2010) - Education programs, e.g. various Lecture Series, Programs for Docents, Curators' Symposium, Teachers' Courses, Poetry Readings (1960-2010) -Adult and public programs, e.g. Seminars with Artists; Initial Public Offerings; Architecture Dialogues; Conversations on Art; Interviews with Artists (1960-2010) Media Collection--includes 35 mm, 16 mm and 8 mm film reels, video and beta tapes, audio recordings, laser discs, etc.: 140 linear feet

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Carol Rusk

Date Range

1960 - 2010

Geographic Scope

The Film and Video Archives document the history of our exhibitions,programs/performances held in NY & CT over a period of nearly 50 years, 1960-2010