Cataloging Artifacts and Related Records of the World Trade Center Attack on September 11, 2001

Material Description

The materials that are the subject of this proposal can be divided into five general categories: 1) posters, letters, photographs and other ephemera left by the families of the victims at Pier 94 (the temporary family service center), and at the 9/11 memorial sites on the footprint of the towers; 2) material placed in City parks and other public places in the aftermath of the event; 3) artifacts of the World Trade Center buildings, vehicles, and other items recovered from the site, via Fresh Kills, Staten Island, where the debris had been brought for screening; 4) brochures and other printed material prepared by the Mayor's Community Assistance Unit to assist the victim families; and 5) correspondence sent to the Mayor's office and rescue workers.

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NYC Department of Records


Leonora Gidlund

Date Range

2001 - 2009

Geographic Scope

City of New York