Women in Ministry: Hidden but not Forgotten

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Christians for Biblical Equality Records, 1988-2008 - 5 ln ft - organization founded in 1988 to promote fundamental equality of men and women ( Ruth Gothenquist Papers, 1942-2008 - 2 ln ft - founded Women's Aglow, International, a worldwide Christian women's organization ( First Free Methodist Church of Seattle, WA Records, 1880-1980 - 12 ln ft - collection contains papers of Emma Ray, a 19th century woman evangelist Henrietta Mears Papers, 1910-1963 - 2 ln ft - she founded Gospel Light Publishing Co. ( Stephanie Beans Papers, 1988-2009 - 2 ln ft - woman pastor and evangelist at interracial Church of Berachah, Spokane, WA First Baptist Church of Spokane, WA Records, 1881-2001 - 10 ln ft - collection contains contextual records during 19th century pastorate of May C. Jones Interfaith Council of the Inland Northwest Records, 1974-2008 - 18 ln ft - organization founded in 1942 as Spokane Council of Churches - collection contains work done by and for women Lucinda Gorman Papers, 1971-2008 - 2 ln ft - first woman graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary to receive a solo pastorate Evelyn Peterson Papers, 19Xx-19xx - 1 ln ft - 1930s woman pastor in Montana - her son, Eugene Peterson (, wrote the bible translation "The Message" May C. Jones Papers, 1882-1937 - 2 ln ft - one of the first ordained woman pastors in America

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Whitworth University


Janet Hauck

Date Range

1880 - 2008

Geographic Scope

Some national and international coverage, as well as thorough coverage of Washington state, partial coverage of the Pacific Northwest and California.