Engines of the New West: The Economics, Politics, and Environment of Post WWII Arizona

Material Description

These collections represent the intersection and often the collision of complex political, economic and environmental currents in post WWII Arizona. Among the topics included under Politics are: the growth of conservatism (Goldwater, McCain); federalism; polls that document shifts in campaign funding and campaign strategies, voting rights, voter registration and voting trends, especially among minorities; grassroots activism; tribal politics; party politics, Hispanic leaders (Raul Castro), Right to Work, and illegal immigration. Included under Economy are: the growth of agri-business; the impact of the elderly and the growth of retirement communities; border trade; mining; Indian gaming; migrant workers (Cesar Chavez); strikes; banking (Charles Keating); city bonds and infrastructure funding, military-industrial complex; boom-bust cycles; budget deficits; employment, and tourism Included under the Environment are: geo-spatial data, urban growth and urban planning; air, water and borderland pollution; reclamation (Carl Hayden); water management including water rights and the impact of drought and flood cycles; nuclear energy; uranium tailings; strip mining, rise of conservation movements including endangered species, grazing, wilderness areas (Edward Abbey, Mo and Stewart Udall), national parks (Goldwater), sky islands, and preservation; and solar energy

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Arizona State Library


Melanie Sturgeon

Date Range

1945 - 2008

Geographic Scope

AZ, CA, UT, CO, NV, NM, Borderland urban & rural, Indian reservations & barrios, military & retirement communities, mountains, deserts & waterways.