The Marian Anderson Archive: The Artist on the World Stage

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Recognized as one of the 20th century’s greatest musical performers, Marian Anderson (1897–1993), an African American, was born in Philadelphia, where she is revered and memorialized. The Marian Anderson Papers rank among the most important archival collections in the University of Pennsylvania Libraries. A very small percentage of this rich resource has been digitized. Although the archive is consulted regularly, patrons must travel to Philadelphia to view the physical contents of the vast majority of documents. For this project, the University of Pennsylvania will be digitizing five series, including her private sound recordings, audio interviews (and transcripts), recital programs, diaries, and scrapbooks. Once digitized, these materials will enable researchers to explore the geographical extent of her musical career, study her repertoire, gain a deeper understanding of the blind prejudice she endured, and marvel at her courage, reception, and fame as she emerged, despite her trials, as an artist on the world stage.


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