Building Minneapolis: Images and Records of the city’s houses, buildings and infrastructure from the 20th Century

Material Description

The images to be digitized were created by staff from various departments of the City of Minneapolis over the course of the 20th century. These images record houses, buildings, streets, bridges, parks, gardens, various infrastructure elements, and community events in Minneapolis. The 1934 Housing Survey was conducted by WPA workers employed by the City of Minneapolis and records extensive detail on structural elements, demographics and living conditions for residential and commercial structures in Minneapolis.

Year Added:



Hennepin County Library


Mr. Edward Hathaway
Hennepin County Library

Mr. Josh Schaffer
City of Minneapolis

Collaborating Institution(s)

City of Minneapolis

Date Range

1900 - 2000

Geographic Scope

The scope of this project is the City of Minneapolis


  • 35000 Photographs