Preserving History, Kent Blossom Music Festival, 1981-1983

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The content included in the scope of this project focus on audio reels with the current highest level of preservation concerns from the Kent Blossom Music Festival recordings, mainly the tapes displaying Sticky Shed syndrome. The ninety seven 1/4” reel to reel analog audio tapes included in this proposal cover three years (1981-1983) of a much larger analog tape collection. The entire reel to reel tape collection began with the start of the festival in 1968 and concluded in 1988, when the audio archive switched to the DAT format. The recordings were made by the School of Music and are considered the property of Kent State University. A portion of the collection has been digitized to date using in-house equipment and staff, an initiative which began around 2007 by Recording Technician Craig Adams on a part-time basis around other job duties. The content on the reels from 1968 to 1980 have been successfully digitized with no issues. However, when the audio reels displaying Sticky Shed syndrome were discovered, the project was suspended to identify funding to address these serious preservation concerns that could not be remedied in-house. The audio reels are not currently available for public use, though the digitization efforts would be a huge push to draw awareness to the collection and provide an incentive for our staff to provide more descriptive information to alert users to this material. Librarians from Kent State University’s Performing Arts Library created an online resource guide for the libraries’ more current holdings of festival recordings:, and incoming festival participants receive information on past recordings and programs. The local catalog (KentLINK) contains information on these more recent programs (, and further an example of a MARC record can provide a sample of the desired metadata for the project (

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