Recordings of the Notre Dame Sophomore Literary Festival (1968, 1971, 1972, and 1979): Featuring Tom Stoppard, Allen Ginsberg, Robert Duncan, John Barth, and Others

Material Description

The Sophomore Literary Festival (SLF) recordings from 1968, 1971, 1972, and 1979 include approximately 54 hours of readings and lectures on 68 ¼” open reel tapes, made by the University’s audio-visual service at the request of the event’s student organizers. This collection is currently housed at two separate campus locations: Twenty-two are at the student radio station (WSND), while the remainder are held by the University of Notre Dame Archives. A full inventory of the tapes is included as an appendix to this application. The Archives received its batch of tapes in 2005 as part of the papers of Raymond M. Funk, Jr., who helped to organize the SLF in the early 1970s. The Funk Collection also includes correspondence with and photographs of many of the writers who participated in the event. The finding aid for this collection—including the associated tapes—can be found at Please find below an example of the content description in this finding aid: AFUN 26835-26837 R2 : William H. Gass, Readings from His Fiction [04/18/1972, Library Auditorium, 6.30 pm, 8.30 pm], A Talk on Metaphor and Measurment [04/19/1972, Carroll Hall, Madeleva, SMC, 3.30 pm] 1972/04. As part of this project, the tapes housed at WSND will be transferred to the Archives for optimized storage and better access, and added to the online finding aid. To the knowledge of the archivists, these recordings have only been accessed by staff listening to catalog content for the finding aid and to assess recording quality for the purposes of this project, and have never been listened to in full.

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