Memories of a by-gone era: Providing researchers information about a cultural phenomenon that has all but disappeared in America through access to community diaries ,hand-produced “publications”, photographs and manuscripts from a Catholic congregation of priests called Redemptorists in the United States during the 19th and early 20th century

Material Description

Materials include hand-written annals for approximately 40 Redemptorist communities (and some individual personal diaries) that are in bound books dating from 1840 to 1996 and detail the daily lives of the priests/brothers living in each community ("Communities" meaning individual parishes, seminaries and retreat centers). These writings outline their interaction with and influence on a variety of populations; African American, Native American, yellow fever victims, deaf population and soldiers during WWI and WWII, to name a few. In addition, there are photographs from all these communities that depict life at the time. For example, seminary life playing sports, studying, performing plays and living in dormitories; photographs from the WWII era depicting thousands of people attending individual churches every Sunday. Entries in hand-written ledgers that in turn attest to this fact. The first seminary began in 1840 in Chatawa, MS. The second opened in 1887 in Windsor Springs, MO where boys would begin attending in the 9th grade. After graduating they would go to the next seminary (college plus 2 years) in Oconomowoc, WI. There were a total of eight different seminaries between 1840 and 1996. These men had extraordinary educations and were prolific writers and artists as shown in their "year books" and student publications. Many of these young men went on to become priests and to fulfill their Redemptorist mission which is to minister to "the poor and most abandoned."

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Redemptorists Denver Province


Ms. Jennifer Murphy
Redemptorists Denver Province

Date Range

1840 - 1996

Geographic Scope

Materials are from Redemptorist communities (educational institutions, retreat centers and parishes) in the Midwest, south and west part of the United States. This is known as the Redemptorists Denver Province: Louisiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Idaho, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Colorado, Arizona, California, Alaska, Oregon and Washington.


  • 206 Manuscripts