Lost in Balboa Park: Digitization and Online Access to The Veterans Museum at Balboa Park's Artifact and Library Collections

Material Description

As part of the broader "Lost in Balboa Park" initiative, BPOC seeks to digitize, catalog, and create detailed primary, research, and discoverability metadata for the following collections from The Veterans Museum at Balboa Park (VMBP): The VMBP Artifact Collection features men's and women's uniforms from World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Desert Storm, and the post-9/11 campaigns; weapons; communication and navigation equipment; jewelry; military award ribbons and medals; art works; and much more. Highlights include the pen that Admiral Nimitz used to sign the Japanese surrender document and the first American flag captured by the Japanese in the Philippines during World War II. These 10,000-plus artifacts, all donations from local veterans and their families, are of great historical, scholarly, and personal significance. They represent the hardships, bravery, and achievements of the men and women who have made America what it is today. The VMBP Research Library contains over 10,000 books and training manuals on topics ranging from poetry to weaponry. As part of this project, BPOC will digitize up to 100 rare, unique public domain holdings that do not currently exist digitally, including Norman Angell's "The Great Illusion" (1914) and LT Frank C. Tillson's signed copy of his book of poetry, "Dugouts and Dreams" (1920). In addition, we will digitize a collection of approximately 1,000 photographs by E. Muller, Jr., detailing U.S. Navy ships and operations prior to World War I (1910-1916). All items digitized as part of this project will be showcased on VMBP's institutional website and BPOC's "Lost in Balboa Park" online platform, an encyclopedic, unified digital experience that will enable students, researchers, and the public--both online and at the Park--to access and make connections between Balboa Park's diverse and valuable collections.

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Balboa Park Online Collaborative, Inc.


Mr. Nik Honeysett
Balboa Park Online Collaborative

Ms. Dani Heinemeyer
Balboa Park Online Collaborative

Collaborating Institution(s)

The Veterans Museum at Balboa Park

Date Range

1804 - 2016

Geographic Scope

The project is global in scope, with a focus on San Diego and Southern California. VMBP's collection features artifacts from each U.S. war from the Civil War onward, as well as American books dating back to the 19th-century.


  • 10000 Artifacts