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SDASM is home to the corporate records of Ryan Aeronautical, which was one of the nation's most influential early aerospace companies. Their pioneering scheduled airline enjoyed success, and they were a noted aircraft manufacturer. Their first unique design, the M-1, proved to be popular among airmail pilots. Its reliability attracted the attention of Charles Lindbergh, who requested they build an airplane that could make a nonstop flight from New York to Paris. The result was The Spirit of St. Louis, and a 1927 flight propelling Lindbergh into history. In the 1930s Ryan opened a flight school in San Diego, while also manufacturing aircraft. Ryan developed many popular and innovative designs, such as the S-T, which was adapted to military use as the PT-22, a primary trainer, helping thousands of future pilots learn how to fly during World War II. The post-war period saw continued growth as Ryan produced several experimental aircraft, such as the Fireball, one of America's first jet powered fighters, and the X-13, a vertical takeoff and landing vehicle. It was during this era that Ryan began development of a long line of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), most famously the Firebee, initially used as a target drone and for reconnaissance. Later UAV designs, both subsonic and supersonic, were adapted to offensive roles. Ryan's early work laid the groundwork for today's highly successful UAV systems, such as the Predator and Global Hawk, which are dramatically changing the nature of aviation. The Museum acquired much of the Ryan Collection in the 1990s, including the library of noted Ryan historian William Wagner. Current company owner Northrop Grumman donated other company records in 2005. The Museum's collection includes material from the company's earliest days to its acquisition by Northrop Grumman. William Wagner's personal library includes over 100 albums containing documents and photos.

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1920 - 1990

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Ryan Aeronautical is a local San Diego based company. The collection covers the local area of manufacturing and aviation service. The effects of the company however are worldwide, given that they produced aircraft for a global market.


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