The Voices of Photography: Lectures and Interviews from the Center for Creative Photography

Material Description

The Center for Creative Photography (CCP) Voices of Photography collection includes 875 videotapes of interviews, lectures, workshops, and symposia with photographers, curators, and scholars. All videos were recorded at CCP between 1975-2015. CCP was founded in 1975 by photographer Ansel Adams. Its first director, Harold Jones, was also a photographer. CCP has enjoyed a longstanding history of collaboration with the most prominent photographers and photography curators of our time. Artists such as Ansel Adams, Harry Callahan, Louise Dahl-Wolfe, Robert Heinecken, Frederick Sommer, and Garry Winogrand, and curators and scholars such as Peter Bunnell, Beaumont Newhall, John Szarkowski and Beth Gates Warren helped shape CCP's collections and its mission. A tangible record of their visits to CCP exists in videotapes. As primary source materials, the videos document the evolution of artistic careers and growth of the field of photographic history. Galleries devoted exclusively to photography such as Helen Gee's Limelight Gallery, Witkin Gallery, and LIGHT Gallery are documented in the videotapes with lectures by early gallery owners. These first person accounts document the beginning of the photography art market that started in the mid-1970s. Their content will help us better understand the origins of our own era of image proliferation and market growth. Other videotapes document a 1975 CCP workshop with The Friends of Photography (est. in 1968). Ansel Adams, Judy Dater, Robert Heinecken, Frederick Sommer, and Jack Welpott were teachers at the workshop. Judy Dater is the only photographer now living. Other videotapes record symposia dedicated to individual photographers, such as Harry Callahan and Garry Winogrand. Videotapes also document collaborative symposia such as "Patterns of Influence" during which photography teachers and/or their students shared teaching methods. Combined, CCPs Voices of Photography videotapes bring together scholars, curators, and photographers to contribute to our understanding of photographic history and the medium.

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Center for Creative Photography


Ms. Leslie Squyres
Center for Creative Photography / University of Arizona

Ms. Denise Gosé
Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona

Date Range

1975 - 2015

Geographic Scope

Photographers, curators, scholars from or who work in Africa, Europe (including Italy, France, Spain, United Kingdom), Japan, Mexico, Middle East (including Afghanistan, Iraq), South America, United Kingdom, United States (all states)


  • 875 Audiovisual Recordings