Celebrating a Century of Stewardship & Engagement: Digitizing the Collections of National Park Service Directors

Material Description

The material proposed for this project includes the papers of 8 former National Park Service Directors: George Hartzog, Ronald Walker, Gary Everhardt, Russell Dickenson, William Mott, James Ridenour, Robert Stanton, and Fran Mainella. All material from these collections are governed by deeds of gifts that transfer copyright to Clemson University. Any and all restrictions included in the gifts to special collections have since expired. Clemson University owns and holds unrestricted rights to these collections. Relevant associate people included in the collection range from presidents, such as Lyndon B. Johnson, to Department of the Interior Secretaries, such as Stewart Udall, to National Park advocates, such as Ansel Adams. Relevant organizations include the National Parks Foundation, Department of the Interior at large, and the U.S. Congress. Events covered include the 50th and 75th anniversary of the NPS, the Yellowstone Fires of 1988, and the appointments of the first female and African-American Directors. Subjects include land management, workplace equality, conservation, and public/private partnerships.

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Clemson University


Mr. Christopher Vinson
Clemson University

Date Range

1916 - 2008

Geographic Scope

These collections contain materials that are inclusive of all geographic regions of the United States, including the contiguous states, Alaska, Hawaii, and territories.


  • 111 mixed archival including agendas, appointment books, correspondence, brochures, charts, government documents, pamphlets, press releases, reports, resolutions, speeches, public statements, handbooks, memoranda, strategic and management plans, testimonies
  • 45 Audiovisual Recordings
  • 45 Audiovisual Recordings
  • 45 Audiovisual Recordings
  • 45 Audiovisual Recordings