American Music Research Center (AMRC) Glenn Miller Archive (GMA) Digitization of the Edward Burke, Richard March and Walter C. Scott Collections

Material Description

The materials were collected by Ed Burke, Dick March and Walter Scott (all deceased) with the assistance of other collectors, musicians, radio stations, networks, record companies, producers and others from 1949 through 2009. The accumulated collections contain the work product and property of many hundreds of individuals and organizations.

Year Added:



University of Colorado Boulder


Mr. Dennis Spragg
University of Colorado Boulder AMRC Glenn Miller Archive

Date Range

1920 - 2000

Geographic Scope

The United States and the United Kingdom


  • 3.2 Audio Recordings
  • 400 Photographs
  • 400 Documents: Correspondence, ABC, CBS, NBC Red/Blue, Blue, Mutual and AFRS Radio Scripts, BBC Programs as Broadcast, RCA Victor, Columbia, Decca and V-Disc Recording Session Sheets, Ballroom Contracts, Musician Contracts, etc.
  • 400 Sets of Periodicals circa 1935-1955 including Down Beat, The Metronome, Orchestra Leaders, Melody Maker (UK), etc.