The Snyder-Hadlock Archive Digitization and Access Project

Material Description

The two collections, donated in memory of their respective researchers, contain information relating to non-renewable cultural and historical resources and are unavailable elsewhere. Unique and unpublished, these resources will be made digitally available to the public for the first time. The Jim Snyder Collection contains private and public materials, both original and photocopied, relating to the national Civilian Conservation Corp organization; the New Deal; Chaco Canyon National Historical Park, and Bloomfield CCC Camps (among others); Guernsey Dam, Guernsey Reservoir, and related Park Projects; unpublished accounts and references penned by individual CCC members; maps, building designs and drawings; and plans for outdoor park areas. Several videos and DVDs document events and gatherings where the CCC worked. DVDs are currently available for upload, if desired. The Harry Hadlock Collection contains original information and images pertaining to rock art locations, many now lost, within the San Juan and Rio Arriba counties in New Mexico, as well as in adjacent areas. These records contain information contained in: field notes; rock art image documentation (through photographs/slides); site locations; condition reports; personal observations; and other unpublished personal research records. The records are currently available for research use, but are not generally known to the general public.

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San Juan County Archaeological Research Center and Library at Salmon Ruins/ The San Juan County Museum Association


Mr. Larry Baker
Salmon Ruins Museum

Ms. Nancy
Curator, Education Coordinator


Date Range

1933 - 1980

Geographic Scope

The proposed CCC documents provide information relating to the National CCC program, Wyoming, New Mexico, and the general Southwest. The proposed Rock Art documentation provide information relating to rock art of the Four Corners region, and particularly the Gobernador/Largo Canyon areas of northwest New Mexico.


  • 50 maps, architectural drawings and blueprints, topographic maps, field notes, photos, VHS and DVD storage, photocopied articles and references