Aerial Photography Collection of the Grants Mineral Belt, New Mexico, Thomas R. Mann & Associates

Material Description

The Grants Mineral Belt collection is a series of aerial photography on color negative film of original large-format (9- x 9-inch) photographs. This collection was donated to the Earth Data Analysis Center by the Thomas R Mann Company, after the business closed. This company was an important private engineering and surveying firm that provided aerial photography and photogrammetric services in the United States Southwest from 1977 until 2012. This collection was acquired by the Earth Data Analysis Center's Resource Geographic Information System for archiving and digitization to prevent the destruction of a snapshot in time of a significant economic and cultural area of New Mexico.

Year Added:



Regents of The University of New Mexico


Mr. Paul Neville
Earth Data Analysis Center, University of New Mexico

Date Range

1977 - 1977

Geographic Scope

The collection covers an area of approximately 5,900 square miles of five western New Mexico counties. This area includes portions of the Navajo Nation, Chaco Culture National Historical Park, historic Spanish land grants and various other federal, state, tribal and private lands.


  • 10 Kodak Aerocolor Negative film