Summit County Archives Digitization

Material Description

Our map collections cover the history of Summit County, Colorado. It includes mining, railroad, topographical and blueprints for many areas throughout the County. Our photo collections range from the 1800s through the 1970s. The photos are of various geographical locations in Summit as well as important historical figures including Father Dyer, Edwin Carter, Anders Haugen and many other individuals who contributed to building Summit County. In addition, we have photos of sites that no longer exist and sites that have changed drastically from the mining era through the ski industry boom. We have action shots taken by John Topolniki, photos of the fire in Montezuma and many other events that marked time here. The ledgers we are looking to digitize include rolls, dues and other previously sealed information on the Women of Woodcraft. In addition we have ledgers for the Finding Hardware Store, sheriff's warrants and witness certifications, court records, naturalizations and births and tax records. We will also be digitizing a collection on long-term loan by the Breckenridge Masons Lodge A.F. & A.M. No. 47, chartered in 1882 and sill in service present day.

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Summit Historical Society (SHS)


Dr. Sandra Mather
Summit Historical Society

Ms. Susan
Senior Archivist Consultant

Ms. Ms. Kris Ann
Archivist Consultant

Collaborating Institution(s)

Breckenridge Heritage Alliance

Date Range

1800 - 1979

Geographic Scope

All materials are related to Summit County's history.


  • 89.5 Mixed Archival Collections