Inside the Storms: Severe Storm Studies from Observation to Analysis, 1650 to 2000

Material Description

The materials include 17th- through 20th-century books on meteorology and storms in several collections held by OU History of Science Collections; the portion of the Edwin Kessler III Collection related to the development of weather applications for radar and the establishment and early decades of the National Severe Storms Lab (NSSL); maps of storm events and related damage by Theodore Fujita's research group, held by the National Weather Center (NWC) Library; the NSSL slide archive of storm and radar images; NSSL field notes from severe weather research teams; and NSSL storm-spotter training slide sets held by the NWC Library.

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The University of Oklahoma


Ms. Barbara Laufersweiler
University of Oklahoma

Ms. Christine
National Weather Center Librarian

Ms. Dr. JoAnn
Acting Curator, John & Mary Nichols Collection

Collaborating Institution(s)

National Weather Center Library; NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory

Date Range

1671 - 1996

Geographic Scope

North America and western Europe.


  • 29800 Manuscripts