Notable Noam Chomsky: Notes on Lectures and Public Talks

Material Description

The materials to be digitized fall into two categories - class notes and notes on talks. The class notes relate to the linguistics, philosophy, and political courses Chomsky taught at MIT, as well as to other seminars and workshops he taught outside of MIT. These are comprised of lecture notes, syllabi, and other course materials. The notes on talks deal with speeches Chomsky gave, and include transcripts, notes, and background information. The topics of these talks range from US foreign policy, the media, and terrorism to linguistics, psychology, and human rights. These materials were donated, along with the rest of Chomsky's archives , to the MIT Institute Archives and Special Collections between 2012 and 2015.

Year Added:



Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Mr. Thomas Rosko
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Date Range

1950 - 2013

Geographic Scope

The scope of the project is global. Chomsky spoke on linguistic and political topics throughout the US and around the world. Though most of Chomsky's class notes are centered at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, they also reflect workshops and seminars he taught globally.


  • 16 Manuscripts