New Dimensions Broadcast Media: Preserving & Providing Access to At-Risk Media

Material Description

Stanford University Libraries acquired the media archive of the New Dimensions Broadcasting Media Network in 2007 as a gift and the archival records as a purchase in 2008. The audio archive consists of approximately 6,500 recordings of over 2,200 individuals and programs spanning 45 years; the archival records total 90 linear feet. Each year the latest productions are added to the collection. New Dimensions (ND) is an independent, listener-supported, educational broadcasting group that began in the San Francisco area and then moved to Ukiah, California where most of the archive was produced. Now based in Santa Rosa, ND continues to broadcast interviews today. Most of the interviews were conducted by Michael Toms. Over 2,000 individuals are represented in this archive; a small sampling of individuals include: the Dalai Lama, scientist and Nobel laureate Linus Pauling, mythologist Joseph Campbell, psychologist/futurist Timothy Leary, economist and winner of Nobel Peace Prize Muhammad Yunis, physician/author Andrew Weil, biologist E.O. Wilson, physicist David Bohm, poet/ecologist Gary Snyder, doctor/writer/spiritualist Deepak Chopra, religious scholar Huston Smith, journalist Bill Moyers, writer/activist Alice Walker, poet Maya Angelou, writer/radio host Studs Terkel, activist/journalist Gloria Steinem, and Werner Erhard, developer of est Training. Several other ND interviewees have deposited their papers at Stanford, including visionary inventor R. Buckminster Fuller; John Lilly, whose work on consciousness utilized isolation tank and dolphin communication; Stewart Brand, creator of The Whole Earth Catalog; artist Ruth Asawa; and architect of sustainable building and the cradle to cradle movement, William McDonough. Programs by ND are carried by public and community radio stations and are broadcast nationally in more than 300 communities reaching approximately 1.7 million listeners in the U.S. Other outlets are the American Forces Radio Network, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Radio National (300 stations), parts of Canada, New Zealand and on shortwave radio in Southeast Asia.

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1968 - 1997

Geographic Scope

The ND interviews were recorded in California. The interviewees originate from across the United States and abroad. While some interviews cover events and themes local to California, the topics tend to be broader in scope than a specific region, addressing subjects relevant to cultures, peoples, and societies across the globe.


  • 3200 Audiovisual Recordings
  • 10 archival documents
  • 10 archival documents
  • 10 archival documents
  • 10 archival documents