The Living Legends of Oklahoma Collection

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The Oklahoma Historical Society (OHS) will preserve and digitize 5000 audio files, for free public access, including: 1/4" reel-to-reel magnetic tape; audio/mpeg; Cassette Tape, and CD-ROMs from the Living Legends Collection. The interviews selected will reflect the state's political, cultural, and economic history, span Oklahoma regionally and cover the mid-nineteenth to the early twentieth century time period. The OHS believes that this undertaking will successfully contribute to the public's access to these regionally significant interviews as well as represent a number of national subjects, movements and individuals of note. The Living Legends Collection is the embodiment of first-hand history in the words of the men and women themselves. Students from grade school age through post-doctoral status will have a chance to listen to the tones, the inflections, the actual words spoken from the comfort of the class-room, home, office or personal computer. Sample interviews of notable Oklahomans and notable National figures: Senator Phil Smalley - LL 131.A-B Senator Mike Monroney - LL 132.A-B (July 8, 1966), LL 392 Senator Robert S. Kerr - LL 487 Pawnee Bill - LL 117 (April 12, 1939) Gene Autry - LL 403 Woody Guthrie - LL 410 Cherokee Strip Pioneers - LL 120 John D. Mayo - LL 136.1 (September 1, 1970) Governor Dewey Bartlett - LL 139.3 Stanley Draper - LL 126.4 Colonel Tom Stafford - LL 132.A-B (July 8, 1966) Carl Albert - LL 167.1 (January 21, 1971)

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1941 - 2003

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United States; Oklahoma (state); Europe (WWI and WWII); Asia (Korean War, Vietnam War);


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