Digitizing Peabody Essex Museum's Ocean Liner Ephemera Collection

Material Description

This massive collection was gathered by an employee of the Thomas Cook Travel Agency who saved one copy of every piece of ephemera sent by passenger ships to the agency. It is the most comprehensive collection of ocean liner ephemera known to exist, including ship lines Canadian Pacific, Cunard, Delta Queen, Disney, French, Fred Olsen, Furness, Grace, Greek, Hamburg-Alantic, Holland America, Home, Moore-McCormack, North German Lloyd, Norwegian, Princess, Royal Viking, Swedish, British India Steam Navigation Line, Orient, and the Red Star and White Star lines, among others. The material includes advertising brochures, deck and cabin plans, sailing schedules and itineraries, shore excursion maps of sites to visit, menus and other ephemera. Within the limits of available funding, PEM requests support for digitizing 5,000 items from the time period of 1909 through 1939. The museum hopes to find support later to finish the project which would include the ephemera from the post-World War II period through the 1960s.

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Peabody Essex Museum (PEM)


Mr. Gregor Smith
Peabody Essex Museum

Ms. Tamara
Manuscript Processor


Date Range

1909 - 1939

Geographic Scope

Africa, China, Cuba and the Caribbean, Europe, Japan, North America, Russia, South America, and South Seas.


  • 5000 Ephemera