Bridging the Research Data Divide: Rethinking long-term value and access for historical and contemporary maternal, infant and child research

Material Description


The collaborating libraries will create rich metadata for discovery, access, citation, and long-term preservation of maternal, infant, child, and youth health (MCH) research data. Work will focus on 1) historical paper and electronic research data for longitudinal studies, 1930-2010 (CLM), and 2) contemporary electronic research data for Canadian cohort and clinical trials from the Maternal, Infant, Child, Youth Research Network (UAL). This project will bring temporal depth in laying the groundwork for value-added long-term access to and preservation of the collections, while protecting the privacy of historical and current research participants and communities of study.


Cataloging Hidden Collections

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Kathryn Hammond Baker

Collaborating Institution(s)

University of Alberta Libraries

Collection Size

135 cubic feet, 390 objects

Date Range

1930 - 2014

Geographic Scope

Collections were created primarily in the United States and Canada. However, data for the Becker study was collected in the Republic of Fiji.


  • 390 Audio (Including Speech And Music), Dataset (Paper Based Or Electronic), Image, Manuscript, Specimen (Botanical, Geological, Medical, Etc.), Text (Including Electronic Texts)