Holocaust and Jewish Resistance collections at Brandeis University

Material Description

1. The Jewish Resistance Collection (c. 1932-1950s): Underground publications by German Communist and French Jewish resisters to the Nazis; international post-war reports documenting the persecution and extermination of Jews and the course of several Nuremberg trials; and Nazi paraphernalia. (4 boxes) 2. Theresienstadt Concentration Camp Documents (1942-1944): Hundreds of daily orders issued from Theresienstadt, which provide detailed information about the workings of the camp. (4 boxes) 3. Curt Rosenthal Correspondence (c. 1938-1947): Personal and family correspondence of Curt Rosenthal, a German Jew and �migr� to the U.S., spanning the Holocaust and World War II. (1 box) 4. Halina Nelkin Collection: Holocaust ephemera and personal papers collected by a survivor. (1 box) 5. War Crimes Trial Photographs: A collection of Nuremberg Trial photographs (1945-1946). (1 box)

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Brandeis University


Sarah Shoemaker

Date Range

1932 - 1950

Geographic Scope

Materials in these collections were created in the United States and Europe.