Access to All: The Disabilities Rights and Independent Living Movement Collections

Material Description

This project will make accessible the collections of prominent individuals and organizations who have led the national movement in Disability Rights. The collections are relevant to anyone doing research into the Disability Rights Movement, and the general social protest and civil rights movements since the 1960's. Fred Fay focused his efforts in Massachusetts and New England. Ms. Huemann's activities were centered mainly in Washington, D.C. Isabelle Grant worked with tenBroek to establish the National Federation of the Blind. The project includes the following collections: Center for Independent Living records, circa 1970-1990. 31 cartons, 1 box, 1 oversize folder (40 linear feet). Disabled International Support Effort (David L. Landes) records, 1960-2008. 30 cartons (38 l.ft.). Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund records, 2000-2013 (additions). 30 cartons (25 l. ft.). Disabled Students' Program records, 1964-2002. 29 cartons, 1 box (36 l.ft.). Frederick A. Fay papers, 1960-2000. 39 cartons (49 l.ft.). Isabelle Grant papers, 1950-1980 12 cartons, 1 box and 1 oversize folder (16 l.ft.). Judith Heumann papers, 1947-2003. 24 cartons, 3 boxes, 2 oversize folders (31 l.ft.). Indoor Sports Club records, 1950-1996. 16 cartons, 1 box, 1 oversize box, 9 volumes(20 l.ft.). Betty Medsger papers, 1960-1980. 11 cartons (14 l.ft.). World Institute on Disability records, 1983-2000. 66 cartons, 1 oversize box, 2 oversize folders (84 l.ft.)

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The Bancroft Library


Elaine Tennant

Date Range

1947 - 2012

Geographic Scope

Nationally, all issues effecting Americans with disabilities.